Computer Service

Software installations vary depending on the programs being installed. The most important part of installing software happens prior to the install process; it's about choosing the right software. Find the software that will do what you need it to do. Software should get the job done and be intuitive and easy to use. Search online to make sure that you are installing the most recent version of the software. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. Test out the software's basic functionality. Good software should be enjoyable to use

You already know the benefits of a having a home network services; being able to share resources. The most important things you will want to consider are the number of devices you want to connect an how you will connect them, either wired or wirelessly. A wireless connection is great when the signal strength is strong in all of the locations you plan on having connectivity. You will be able to roam around and still be connected to the network. A wired connection requires more setup, wiring the house, and offers the most reliable connection. Connect all computers, printers, scanners, modems, switches, network access storage (NAS) drives to the router. Make sure all of the devices can see the shared devices. Do test prints, test scans, and try accessing shared drives. Test to see that you're online

There are over a million variations of viruses with new ones being created every minute. Different viruses require different methods of removal. We can remove most any type of virus and provide virus removal service . Of course it's best to prevent viruses in the first place, but if they do get in somehow, we're here to get them out.
How many viruses are there? What type of viruses are they? The diagnosis will give you an idea of how bad the infection is. Sometimes it's better to do a fresh installation of your operating system. The diagnosis will help you determine if that is the case.
A type of virus called a rootkit is designed to hide from and disable your antivirus. The antivirus program can't remove the virus if it either can't see the virus or is disabled completely. The first step is to disable these rootkits.
Once the rootkits are disabled, you can run your mid-level scans. Most of the common viruses, spyware and malware can be removed during these scans. We do a few high-level scans with different anti-malware tools to make sure there are no left over remnants from the previous infections

We will setup your email so that it’s easier to use and has more functionality.
Are you still using your email address? If so, it's probably because everyone has that email address, it's on your website and all of your business cards. Is that about right? We can help you setup a better email address along with a better email system. All this without missing any of your pants2001 emails
You don't have to stick with an @yahoo or @gmail address. You have the option of getting a professional address like If your email is for personal use, you can get In any case, take your time and get an email address you will be a proud owner of.
Will you be using a web-based email system or a desktop app such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac's, or perhaps Windows Mail? Lots of people still prefer to use a native application because they are familiar with it. Applications offer some functionality that web-based apps don't have yet. But web-based apps are catching up fast. The advantage of going web-based is that you can access the email interface that you are familiar with from any computer with Internet access. We can help you determine which option is best for you.
We can import your contacts and emails from your previous system. We can also forward emails sent to your old address to your new one so that you don't miss an email. We can help with the setup of your filters so that emails automatically go into their proper folders. As a finishing touch, we will help setup your email signature for each of your email accounts.

Start fresh with a new operating system installation An operating system (OS) is what manages your computer. The OS is in charge of making sure your computer's hardware and software work together properly. It also is an interface to allow you to communicate with your computer. If the operating system isn't working properly, then your computer won't work properly. You want an operating system that can manage the latest technology. You want your operating system to be fast, efficient, smart and good-looking. We can advise you on choosing the right OS for you. If you're using a PC, you will probably be installing the most recent version of Windows. I, it's the most recent version of OSX. Both PC's can run the Linux operating system. We can help you to choose which system will work best for you. We highly recommend that you backup all of your data prior to installation so that your it can be migrated over to the new operating system. The install process should be straight forward and usually takes anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. Most of your hardware's drivers will be installed during the OS install process. Some drivers will need to be downloaded and installed manually. Critical updates and service packs are important to install. We also highly recommend that you have a security suite installed. See our computer setup service for more info. we provide complete computer service repair.

Backup and restore your entire computer system. It’s quick and easy, the way it should be.
Backing up is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to your computer system. Data recovery services can cost over $2,000! You can always replace your computer, but you can't replace your precious memories. Documents aren't easy to recreate. When you have a good backup system, your pictures, videos, music and documents are always in two or more places. You can even have your applications, settings, email and contacts backed up. If something goes wrong with your system, you will be ready. Your system can easily be restored in minutes, not days.
Irreplaceable files like pictures, videos and documents are usually a good place to start. Ask yourself which programs you have that you won't be able to reinstall. This will help you determine what kind of backup you need.
If you just need to backup files and folders, a file backup is what you're looking for. If you need your entire hard drive backed up; files, applications and the operating system, you will need a drive image.
Backups can be scheduled to run automatically. It's important that you verify the scheduled backups to make sure they are working on schedule and contain all of the data.

Keep dust out of your computer to keep it running cool
Dust, dirt and pet hair can accumulate inside your desktop computer or laptop. Dust builds up on the fans and can cause them to slow down, get louder or stop completely. A brush is needed to loosen the dirt. Compressed or blown air can get the loosened dust off of the fans and out of the case. It's best to do this outside because of the amount of dust that comes out. Avoid using the air canisters you find from the store because they may contain combustible liquid.
Open the case and loosen the dirt from the fans with a brush.
Take the computer outside and spray the dirt away. Dust clouds can form when cleaning out dust from the computer. You won't want to do this indoors.
A thorough wipe down of the case tower or laptop will have computer looking like new again.