TV Repair

INTELTECHT Repair is trained to handle all residential TV repair on most major brands. If your television at home is broken or needs to be inspected, the team INTELTECH TV Repair is more than capable of handling the job. We aim to fix all T.V.’s in one day, call now to schedule your appointment for a same day visit from one of our skilled residential T.V. repair technicians! All T.V.’s are fixed at your home or place of residence. (In rare cases, there may be delay in a same day repair if we cannot fix your T.V. at your residence)

 If your looking for an experienced commercial TV repair technician, then you’ve arrived. At INTELTECH Repair, we exclusively cater to all businesses with televisions and commercial monitors for machine shops (CRT monitors). After many years of experience and different encounters, our technicians are able to repair most industrial monitors

INTELTECH Repair is trained to handle more than just your regular television repair, we also offer comprehensive electronic repair services. In addition to repairing your commercial and industrial monitors, we also repair common household electronics repair for entertainment purposes. We offer electronic repair services on the following devices: Amplifiers, DVD players, Projectors, Commercial Monitors, and more!